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Anti-graffiti solution

Technical data sheet Technical_data_sheet_ANTYGRAFFITI_1006_DC0042327.PDF
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Sicherheitsdatenblatt (SDB) Sicherheitsdatenblatt__SDB__ANTYGRAFFITI_1006_DC0057330.PDF
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Dispersive solution creating a colorless protective coat, easily washable using pressurized hot water

After washing the coat must be restored to provide further protection.

Intended for securing surfaces against spray paint; dedicated to cement-lime plasters, thin-layer dispersive plasters, facade paints, concrete, clinker cladding, stone cladding, etc. Do not apply on non-absorbent groundworks, such as: ceramic tiles, laminates, sheet metal, etc.

Spraying possibility!Streichbar!
  • Frost-proof
  • colorless
  • Vapor-permeable
  • Efficient
  • Environmentally friendly


Maximally 12 months

In dry areas and in non-damaged factory packaging, at temperatures from +5°C to +25°C.

Drying timec.a. 24 hours in optimal conditions
ColorColorless after drying
Number of layers2 (wet-on-wet)
Consumption0.2 to 0.7 l/m²
Coat effectiveness3 years (replace the coat after this period)