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Masonry mortar

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Indoor- and outdoor-use masonry mortar

Intended for erecting walls and pillars from ceramic, lime-sandstone, cement, concrete, autoclaved aerated concrete elements and other.

  • Waterproof
  • Frost-proof
  • Good adhesion
  • High durability
  • Good molding properties


Maximally 12 months

In dry areas and in non-damaged packaging

Consumptionbrick (wall thickness 12cm) - 37kg/m2brick (wall thickness 25cm) - 94kg/m2CMU U (wall thickness 18.5cm) - 33kg/m2CMU U (wall thickness 25cm) - 52kg/m2CMU MAX (wall thickness 18.8cm) - 41kg/m2CMU MAX (wall thickness 28.8cm) - 71kg/m2autoclaved aerated concrete (wall thickness 24cm) - 44kg/m2
Shelf life after mixing with water2 hours (at +20°C)
Granulation0 to 20mm
Compressive strength after 28 days≥ 5 MPa
Layer thickness5-30mm
Reaction to fireClass A1
Compressive strenghtM5
Vapor permeability coefficientca. 10
Chloride ion content≤ 0,1% Cl
Durability (with regard to frost resistance)Based on experience, when used properly,
the product is suitable for
moderately aggressive environments in
accordance with EN 998-2, Annex B.
Release / content of hazardous substances* NPD