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Thermo plaster 951

Economize with THERMO PLASTER 951


Energy-saving is not only a market trend but increasingly often a necessity. More and more rigorous requirements of EU provisions in the area of energy efficiency of buildings as well as constantly growing heating costs in winter and air conditioning costs in summer result in an increased interest in products which will generate savings.

A number of thermal insulation systems comprising thermal insulating panels such as styrofoam or mineral wool are available on the market. However, the use of such systems e.g. during renovations of historic buildings is not always possible. Should this be the case, thermal insulation plaster e.g. TERMO TYNK 951 (THERMO PLASTER) is the best solution. In view of its properties, it is perfectly fitted for insulation of surface of walls under the conservation protection. This product may also be used to improve energy performance of walls inside rooms e.g.: in unheated staircases and to finish single-layer walls made of high thermoinsulation materials (ceramic hollow bricks, blocks of cellular concrete). This plaster is an ideal solution as well for thermal insulation of places with high fire resistance requirements since it is a non-flammable article of A1 class.

High thermal insulation is the most significant feature of the product. Large lightweight aggregate content makes the thermal conductivity coefficient come to only λ≤ 0.071 W/m*K, thanks to which it is a material with characteristics already similar to styrofoam (λ approx. 0.040 W/m*K depending on its type). Such raw materials as cement and lime are used for its production. Thereby, the plaster is vapour permeable and does not disturb the processes of evaporation of water from walls. In addition, the use of perlite enhances sound-proofing of partitions, which protects residents against noise from outside. It can be applied in very thick layers from 20 mm even to 120 mm, both manually and by means of machine with the use of a mixing pump.

The plaster 951 is a part of the renovation system. We suggest SZPACHLÓWKA REMONTOWA 952 (RENOVATION PUTTY) for finishing its surface. It is a specialist fibre reinforced product. It can be used for renovation of any and all facades covered with  traditional plasters: cement-lime. It is also an ideal article for filling cavities in plasters, filling grooves, jamb finishing. Additionally, reinforcing mesh can be immersed in it to reduce transfer of potential cracks from a substrate.
A specialist primer REMONT GRUNT 950 (RENOVATION PRIMER) based on silicates and IMPREGNAT SILIKONOWY 954 (SILICONE IMPREGNANT) complement the entire system. The primer is mainly fitted for priming loose substrates, whereas the impregnant - for surface protection of any and all absorbable materials such as facade stone, gypsum stone, bricks as well as plasters and paints.