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Liquid foils are usually associated with works performed inside (e.g. bathroom, kitchen or laundry). These products have very good usable features e.g. high elasticity and crack bridging potential. They are very easy to use, you do not have to mix them with water or another component.

This year KREISEL’s offer was enriched with the external liquid foil - FOLBIT EXTRA 805. The product has the same properties as the internal
 product - FOLBIT 800 and one additional - freezeproof. Thanks to this it is possible to use it outside rooms.
 It is an ideal product not only for bathrooms, baths or kitchens, but also for making under-tile insulations on terraces and balconies. Minimum number of coatings which must be applied is 2. Then you have the thickness of >1mm. This is absolutely sufficient for these applications. After having made insulation of the liquid foil, you can start to perform further works already after 18 hours from application of the last coating, which is several times quicker than during performance of works with so-called sealing slurries.  

Product features:

High elasticity
Crack bridging potential
Total watertightness
For balconies and terraces
For wet rooms
Easy in use