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KREISEL has implemented a special system dedicated to graphite Styrofoam – TURBO GRAFIT.

The system is intended for thermal insulation systems to existing single- and multi-family housing and industrial construction projects, as well as newly constructed buildings. The system comprises the following mortars: adhesive LEPSTYR 210 EXTRA, adhesive-reinforcing STYRLEP 220 EXTRA, TYNKOLIT plaster primers, and all plasters from the KREISEL offer, including: mineral POZTYNK-SZ 061/062, acrylic 010, silicate SILIKATYNK 020, silicone SILIKON PROTECT 031 and silicate-silicone SISITYNK 040.

In the case of graphite Styrofoam panels, these absorb the most sunrays and can thermally expand more during application compared to traditional, white panels. Therefore, it is very important to carefully select the mortar type. Thanks to increased polymer content, LEPSTYR and STYRLEP EXTRA feature improved technical-usage properties, including, in particular, increased grip to the surface of graphite Styrofoam panels and groundwork, thanks to which the panel surface needs not be ground in the place where adhesive is applied. In turn, STYRLEP 220 EXTRA contains a larger number of reinforcing fibers, thanks to which it is more resistant to thermal tensions, resulting in lower risk of cracks. The system will accept all major façade plasters, however silicate, silicone and silicate-silicone plasters are the recommended ones. Silicate plaster (SILIKATYNK 020) is very resistant to overgrowth, thanks to its high pH. Silicone plasters (SILIKON PROTECT 031) have self-cleaning properties (silicone resin action), thanks to which the plaster surface remains clean and free of biological overgrowth for a long time. Silicate-silicone plasters combine the advantages of both of them – increased pH and high hydrophobic properties. The plaster layer is very resistant to algae, mold, etc. All of the aforementioned plasters have very good vapor-permeability and CO2-permeability properties.