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Bituminous insulations

Modern bituminous insulations


Bituminous mass has recently been one of the most popular products for water-insulation installations in the construction industry. We can state that other alternative products have not reached even comparable popularity.

Bituminous products are based on raw materials obtained through petroleum processing and are usually associated with quite unpleasant solvent smell, which can sometimes make you dizzy. However, black mass is not only limited to solvent-based products, but also includes water-based products, where water acts as the solvent. Thanks to the application of water, they are environmentally friendly and, what is most important, they do not produce an unpleasant smell. These products are DYSPERBITUM 830 and STYRBITUM 832 by KREISEL – new in the offer. Together, they form a hydro-insulation system.

The first of the products – DYSPERBITUM 830 is universal insulation material, primarily applied in the maintenance of roofing paper. It can be also applied as a product for executing hydro-insulation of foundations and groundwork priming (after it is diluted with water) before the basic hydro-insulation layer is applied.

The second of the products is STYRBITUM 832, which performs slightly different functions, and serves as hydro-insulating – adhesive mass. It can be used to perform light foundation insulation layers and apply Styrofoam or XPS panels (extruded Styrofoam) onto them to create foundation insulations. Both of these products are based on water, thanks to which they do not react with Styrofoam insulation, do not dissolve it, which is a frequent problem in the case of solvent-based products. Together, they form an ideal combination of soil, hydro-insulation and thermal insulation adhesive. Durable insulation cannot be performed in one layer, therefore, when performing hydro-insulation, one should always remember that the minimal number of layers applied is two, and that it is better to execute one layer too many than one layer foo few.