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Mortars resistant to high temperatures


Heat and sun cause that we more often stay outside where we prepare dishes e.g. on a grill. When an ordinary metal grill gets destroyed, having several square metres of available surface at the disposal, we can use it to build a brick grill. Selection of mortar for this type of facilities, resistant to high temperatures, is one of the most frequent difficulties for home DIY men. 

The basic question which is asked in such situations refers to the necessity to apply special mortar with fireproof properties. Mostly traditional products are sufficient, there is no need to used products based on fireclay. Nevertheless, it must be mentioned that fireclay mortars are characterized by high resistance to rapid changes of temperature, even those exceeding 1000°C. They belong
to a group of fire-resisting mortars, however, they are intended for mixing only fireclay products. With regard to other elements such as e.g. clinker bricks, forming the casing of a fireplace or grill, clinker mortars
are used e.g. POZMUR-KL NANO 130. This type of mortar is resistant
to high temperatures. Thanks to a special additive i.e. Rhenish trass there is a lower risk of calcium carbonate efflorescence. The product is available in different colours, and while laying bricks
and pointing, it can replace joints. Thanks to such application, it forms a nice and durable decorative effect. Obviously, this does not exclude finishing such surfaces with joints. Then, FUGA 701 will be perfect - special joint for clinker, including trass. It can be applied in the thickness scope from 5 to 20 mm.
Both 701 joint and 130 mortar are available in the following colours: white, light grey, grey, graphite, sandy, bricky, brown and black.
The entire wall, both the one made of clinker and of ordinary brick, should be impregnated by means of special waterproofing agents (e.g. FRONTA 1001 oil or water HYDROMUR-W 1010 - both based on silicone resins).