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Tynkolit-U 340

Universal primer for decorative plasters


Tynkolit-U 340 is one of this year’s novelties in the offer of KREISEL company. It is a specialist priming agent.

This product is intended for final preparation of beds before application of mineral, acrylic, silicate, silicone, mosaic and other plasters. It covers very firmly, which is very significant while making pitted (skin) plasters or in case of machine application. It contains quartz aggregate, which considerably increases bond strength of applied plasters and facilitates performance of works. It may be applied in white colour or dyed according to colour of plaster. It is applied in all systems of thermal insulation TURBO by KREISEL, also with a new innovative poly-silicone plaster: BIOTYNK MAX PROTECT 042.
The product is consistent with the European Technical Assessment 15/0575 and 15/0576.