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KREISEL has adopted the “We build trust” motto a long time ago. Every day, we are determined and involved in building positive relations, catering for the needs and satisfaction of our clients.

Our priority is to provide our clients with innovative products fulfilling the requirements of European standards. Our devotion to quality and product development is proven by the fact of owning our own laboratory which, apart from controlling the quality of materials manufactured, conducts processes aiming at implementing new products. This initiative is widely recognized by our clients.

Innovative technologies, a shared commitment to customer service and reliable and expert service – these are the challenges our employees have to face, entering the third decade of our activity. The company is still prioritizing development, responding to the expectation of even the most demanding customers.

Kreisel is an environmentally-friendly company, stressing care for the natural environment: promoting reductions of gas and dust emissions, optimizing waste production, as well as opting for rational consumption of energy, fuels and natural resources. All investments and initiatives related to implementing new technologies or organizational improvements are integrally subordinate to protection of the natural environment.

For building pro-ecological awareness in the region, as well as for its stable policy and strategy subject to highest ecological standards, the company received e.g. the GREEN WAY Certificate.