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Construction technologies


Please take a while to familiarize the descriptions of particular stages of construction technologies utilizing KREISEL products.

Insulating external walls

A correctly executed and complex thermal insulation of a building allows its users to save approx. 30% of their heating expenses.


Execution of ceramic cladding

To enjoy correctly executed ceramic cladding, you should not only ensure that the groundwork is properly prepared, but also select the most suitable adhesive, tiles and jointing materials. Knowledge of materials applied is indispensable, particularly in the case of cladding applied on surfaces exposed to various loads and factors during use (e.g. water and chemical agents, weather conditions).


Execution of cladding on a balcony or a terrace

Terraces and balconies are surfaces, which are particularly exposed to extreme weather conditions. Therefore, it is essential that you always select the correct products and ensure highest-level execution.