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Insulating external walls


When starting the construction or upgrading of a house, you should always consider good quality, expertly executed thermal insulation, which will definitely generate considerable savings in heating expenses, and thanks to which the property will grow in value. In order for the investment to be effective and bring the desired savings, it is essential to select the proper materials comprising a complete system and to contract the works to specialists.

High quality products are not enough. What is equally important is competent execution. Even the best products can be used incorrectly, thus losing their properties. Passing by numerous insulated buildings, you can get the sense that it is a rather simple process, as it “only” involves: application and tying of Styrofoam, execution of reinforcing layer, priming and plastering. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. The mere multitude of components incorporated in thermal insulation systems, accompanied by insufficient level of knowledge, often result in the occurrence of errors. Therefore, in order to avoid them, we suggest the familiarization of the technology of insulation works.