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Concrete B-30

When time counts...


Quick and efficient renovation!

Nowadays a possibility of performing the following renovation works quickly is a significant factor deciding about selection of a product:

  • express floor construction in order to walk onto it with equanimity after several hours,
  • quick repair of bed to commence finishing works.

Today time is one of the elements thanks to which we can really save
money. After quick repairs of concrete bed (walls and
floors), this year’s novelty in the offer will work perfectly: FAST SETTING CONCRETE B-30 445. You can walk onto an element under reparation already after 2 hours from completion of repair.
FAST SETTING CONCRETE B-30 will also do an excellent job in garden works for instant fitting of fence posts. At a temperature of 20˚C the product, already after 15 minutes, hardens thanks to which a post fitted becomes stable very quickly. The product does not need to be mixed with water. It is sufficient to spray it with water from a watering can after pouring it into a fitting pit,
and the cement hydration process will do the rest. Should this be the case, you will avoid onerous mixing with water. After several hours, a fence post is so stable that the process of fitting a fence net can be started.
B-30 can also be used to make various small concrete elements, foundations, fast setting bedding layers under kerbstones, kerbs. This mortar is also fitted for constructing concrete floors bonded to bed, on a separating layer or on a thermal insulation layer (floating floors). It is especially recommended to places where speed of setting is of particular importance (corridors, passageways etc.). This mortar is ideal to such places as terraces and balconies. Further works such as gluing tiles on completed bed can be carried out already after 24 hours (temperature of 20˚C). Compressive strength after 7 days is >20 MPa, and after 28 days: >30MPa. EXPRESS 106 tile adhesive will supplement this product. Apart from the fact that the subfloor can be made quickly, you will additionally glue tiles fast. This adhesive is elastic so it will be fitted for floor heating, terraces and balconies as well as for large-format tiles. Thanks to it you can walk onto a completed ceramic floor already after 4 hours. After this time, tile grouting is also possible.