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Mineral decorative render

Technical data sheet Technical_data_sheet_ROLTYNK_070_DC0042252.PDF
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Sicherheitsdatenblatt (SDB) Sicherheitsdatenblatt__SDB__ROLTYNK_070_DC0057281.PDF
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Mortar on the basis of cement, intended for manual execution of decorative, thin-layer plaster layers.

Depending on the tools used, it is possible to model the plaster and achieve various, original textures.

Indoor and outdoor use

!Innen/Aussen/Decke!!Mit 5 - 6 Liter Wasser verdünnbar!!Mit Traufel aufziehen!!Nicht bei einer Temperatur unter 5°C oder über  25°C anwenden!!12 Monate lagerfähig!!Achtung! Hände und Augen schützen!!Vor dem Gebrauch aufrühren!!Händisch eintönbar!
  • Waterproof
  • Freezeproof
  • Vapor-permeable
  • High grip
  • UV-resistant


Maximally 12 months

In dry areas and in non-damaged packaging

Consumptionc.a. 1.3 kg/m2 per 1 mm of grout thickness
Layer thickness2-5 mm
Shelf life after mixing with water2 hours (at +20°C)
Grain size≤ 0,5 mm
Reaction to fireF
Water vapour permeability
Water absorptionW1
Adhesion≥ 0,30 MPa
Durability≥ 0,30 MPa
Thermal conductivityNPD
Free output of corrosive substancesλ: < 0,83W/m*K