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Rendering coat in the KREISEL renovation plasters system

Technical data sheet Technical_data_sheet_RENOVATION_RENDERING_910_DC0042125.PDF
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Obrzutka 910 is intended for preparing the groundwork in the renovation plasters system, in areas exposed to the effect of salt and humidity.

Product conforms to WTA guidelines

!Innen/Aussen/Decke!!Mit 4,8 Liter Wasser verdünnbar!!Mit Traufel aufziehen!!Mit Putzmaschine verarbeitbar!!Mit Silomischpumpe verarbeitbar!!Nicht bei einer Temperatur unter 5°C oder über  25°C anwenden!!9 Monate lagerfähig!!Achtung! Hände und Augen schützen!
  • Vapor-permeable
  • Waterproof
  • Frost-proof
  • High adhesion to humid groundworks with high salt content.
  • Product conforms to WTA guidelines

Amount per unit

30 kg/bag

Unit per pallet

42 Stk./Pal.


Maximum 9 months in dry areas and in non-damaged factory packaging

Abmessung размер

EN 998-1

Water mixing ratioc.a. 4.8 liters of water per 30 kg of the mortar
Maximum grout layerup to 5 mm
Average wall coverage50-60 %
Shelf life after mixing with water2 hours (at +20°C)
Dry compound consumptionc.a. 6 kg/m2
Possibility of further worksafter c.a. 3 days
Soluble chromium VI content≤ 0,0002%