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Technical data sheet Technical_data_sheet_TURBO-SA_DC0042647.PDF
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outside!Nicht bei einer Temperatur unter 5°C oder über  25°C anwenden!!12 Monate lagerfähig!!Das technische Merkblatt ist zu beachten!
  • Waterproof
  • Freezeproof
  • Hydrophobic
  • High mechanic durability
  • Resistant to overgrowth

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Technical Approval ETA-07/0192

Reaction to fireFire-retardant
Water absorbency after 24h<0,5kg/m2
Hygrothermal performanceNo damages (resistant)
Vapour permeabilityKategorija III (jednoslojno mesh)
Water vapour permeability µEquivalent air layer thickness <2.0
≥ 0,08 MPa
Release / content of hazardous substancesλ: < 0,83W/m*K