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Elastic adhesive for clinker tiles

Technical data sheet Technical_data_sheet_KLINKIER_MULTI_112_DC0042164.PDF
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Sicherheitsdatenblatt (SDB) Sicherheitsdatenblatt__SDB__KLINKIER_MULTI_112_DC0057233.PDF
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Intended for applying wall clinker tiles, as well as all other types of ceramic linings and flooring, both on rigid and deforming groundworks

Indoor and outdoor use

Can be also used for applying natural stone tiles (with the exception of marble), after verifying their possible discoloring.

Intended for balconies and terraces, for humid rooms (bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms), to be applied on cement and anhydrite screed with floor heating. Suitable for applying reinforcing layer panels in thermal insulation systems.

Does not contain hydrated lime, which reduces the possibility of occurrence of efflorescence and discoloring.

!Innen/Aussen/Boden!!Aussen/Boden!!Mit Zahntraufel aufkämmen!!Nicht bei einer Temperatur unter 5°C oder über  25°C anwenden!!12 Monate lagerfähig!!Achtung! Hände und Augen schützen!!Vor dem Gebrauch aufrühren!
  • Waterproof
  • Freezeproof
  • Flexible
  • Thin-layer
  • Long open and position correction time

Quantity per unit

10 kg

Unit per pallet

33 Eimer/Pal.


Up to 12 months from the date of manufacture, in dry places and in intact packaging

Abmessung размер

EN 12004+A1

Classification as per EN 12004+A1C2TE
Shelf life after mixing with water2 hours (at +20°C)
Tile application time after the application of adhesive on the groundworkup to 30 minutes
Correction timeup to 20 minutes
Possibility of standing on the laid floorafter 24 hours
Possibility of pointingafter 48 hours
Water mixing ratioc.a. 2.6 liters of water per 10kg of dry mix
Maximum grout layerup to 5 mm
Adhesion≥ 1,0 N/mm²
Soluble chromium VI content≤ 0,0002%