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Technical data sheet Technical_data_sheet_BUDOSZCZEL-H_810_DC0042360.PDF
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Sicherheitsdatenblatt (SDB) Sicherheitsdatenblatt__SDB__BUDOSZCZEL-H_810_DC0057192.PDF
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After drying, it is an ideal substrate for tile adhesives, thermal insulation plasters, plasters. It does not react with polystyrene.

!Innen/ Boden!!Aussen/Boden!!Mit 5 - 6 Liter Wasser verdünnbar!!Mindestens 2 mal streichen!!2 mal mit Traufel aufziehen!!Nicht bei einer Temperatur unter 5°C oder über  25°C anwenden!!12 Monate lagerfähig!!Achtung! Hände und Augen schützen!
  • Complete water-tightness
  • Waterproof
  • Frost-proof
  • On the balconies and terraces

Amount per unit

25 kg/bag

Unit per pallet

48 Stk./Pal.


Maximum 9 months in dry areas and in non-damaged factory packaging

Shelf life after mixing with water2 hours (at +20°C)
Up to 60 minutes
Drying timec.a. 3 hours (at +20°C)
Layer thickness2-5 mm
Soluble chromium VI content≤ 0,0002%
≥ 0,5 N/mm²
Adhesion after frosting/defrosting cycle≥ 0,5 N/mm²
- adhesion after drying≥ 0,5 N/mm²
- adhesion after dryingNPD