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How to protect the bed against humidity?


While renovating a bathroom, terrace or balcony, we can hear about sealing compounds (polymeric and cement insulations). What are they and what is their function? 

Sealing compounds are products based on cement and polymers. They can be single-component and two-component. Before using, mix the first ones with water, and the latter ones should be mixed by applying both components together. Mostly they are used as under-board insulations and perform a very important role, because they protect the bed and surface of walls, terraces and balconies against water, humidity. Two-component AQUASZCZEL 820 is the most universal product in this segment. It is resistant to water just as bituminous insulations, and additionally, after application, it is a good coating to glue tiles on it. AQUASZCZEL is highly elastic, can bridge large scratches in the bed even up to 1.5mm. It can be applied not only on terraces and balconies. It is commonly used as an insulation of swimming pools and as hydro-insulation of foundations. This product is also an ideal solution for interiors. It can replace liquid foil and is indispensible for hydro-insulation of paddling pools formed on the bed.

Please remember that just as each insulation it must be made minimum in two layers to precisely cover the entire surface. It is advisable to apply the first layer by means of a hard brush, firmly rubbing it in the surface of screed.