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Sustainability in the sense of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the central topic of our time. The

KREISEL is taking up this fundamental challenge and assuming its social responsibility.


Decorative finish

EPS Insulation system

External wall insulation system

Check out our products for insulation systems.

Nano-silicone render.

Acrylic render.

Mineral render.



Fast drying priming emulsion


Deeply penetrating.

Increases the adhesion of paints and mortars.




Range from 2-100 mm.

Substrate readiness time: after 2 h




KREISEL – Building coloring

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Paints and coatings
The aesthetics of the room can be effectively determined by the choice of material and its colors.
Decorative renders
Decorative plasters protect the facade and provide a long-lasting beautiful appearance.
Masonry mortars
The right mortar for every wall - for a stable connection.
Thermal insulation systems
Thermal insulation saves heat energy and guarantees a pleasant room temperature in any weather.
Concrete and screeds
The quality of the flooring material determines the quality of the room. Acoustics, heat regulation, sound insulation and ground leveling.
Tile systems
Ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles and paving stones are among the oldest design materials in architecture. Various spaces can be created inside and outside. However, in addition to the design aspects, tiles must also meet technical requirements.
3,700 tons
daily production

Production plants

Reference objects


Multi-family building

The TURBO system with SISITYNK 040 plaster was used to insulate the building.



The TURBO-SA system with SILIKATYNK 020 plaster was used to insulate the building.

About us

KREISEL Technika Budowlana is one of the leading manufacturers of construction materials in Poland. We are heading the sector of construction chemistry, we are developing our production plants and store chains in the country. We started our journey more than 40 years ago in Germany, when Norbert Kreisel opened his first production plant. Today, we are a part of the European construction group – FIXIT GRUPPE, incorporating 68 factories in 19 countries, associated under KREISEL, HASIT, RÖFIX, FIXIT and GREUTOL brands.

In 1993, we debuted on the Polish market by establishing company KREISEL Polska in Poznań. It is where our first Polish production plant is located, as well as our main management and marketing center, responsible for all key decisions. Currently, the company has six production plants – in Poznań (the center), in Będzin near Katowice in Ujazd near Tomaszów Mazowiecki, in Kaliska Kujawskie near Lubień, in Rogowiec near Bełchatów, and the newest one – in Ostrołęka. Since 2005, the company has owned the EuroKrusz aggregate and sand mine in Nowe Miasto nad Pilicą.

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